Welcome to our Family

We know that walking into a new place is sometimes difficult. No matter where you are in life, we are glad to have you among us.


Men's Fellowship

Men are the head of the home as Christ is the head of the Church, therefore Amazing Grace Chapel men are a powerful unit within the Church providing support to the work of God and the women in Church.

Sister's Fellowship

Sisters Fellowship is known as Virtuous Sisters. This ministry brings all the women together monthly to fellowship in an informal setting.

What we do

  • We encourage women to have a lifestyle influenced daily by the word of God in their various roles as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, mentors and leaders among many other roles.
  • We encourage women to voluntarily participate in the activities of the church by utilising the gifts and talents that God has equipped them with.
  • We cater for the needs of Amazing Grace Chapel Women and support new mothers in their new journey of motherhood.
  • We cultivate unity amongst the women.
  • We foster a lifestyle of prayers

Chosen Generation

(Youths and Young Adults Ministry)

Chosen generation is our youths and young adults fellowship (age 18-35 singles/married) and it is a department, which are relevant to young people. Aimed to equip students and young professionals with the tools and resources to build a solid foundation as they strive towards self-actualization. Our agenda is to enable our target group with the right skills as they work towards fulfilling their purpose. We aim to provide workshops and seminars which are centred on specific subject areas which are relevant to singles and young people. Our ethos is centred on spiritual growth.

Teenage & Children Fellowship

Ages 3-5 preschool class

Children within the preschool age group enjoy various activities from listening to Bible stories being read or been watched on the TV, singing and role-playing.

We engage in physical and intellectual exercises to aid the children from not getting bored/disconnected.

Ages 6-8

  • Learning God's word: teaching them God's word
  • Quiz: sharing them into groups and asking them questions to know if they were paying attention to the teachings and announcing the winner
  • One to one interrogation: asking them questions about what their experiences are in gatherings
  • Speaking skill development : asking them questions to know their speaking abilities
  • writing skill development: to check their writing abilities
  • Outings: taking the children out to have fun

Ages 9 -12 years (Preteens)

Known as the GLOWING STARS, they are being equipped to shine as light and impact their world for God.

We employ a variety of activities to enhance their spiritual growth, get them interested and engaged. These include prayers, bible studies, teachings, film shows, short videos, sword drills, bible games, etc.

Ages 13-18 (Teenage Class)

Known as Ambassadors for Christ.

Activities taking place in our class include: Drama, debate and quiz Presentations, teaching of God's word, outings, talk shows, games

Preparedness of our drummers, lead singers, back ups Assignment given to you should take it serious