Turnaround is ‘an abrupt or unexpected change, especially one that results in a more favourable situation’ according to the dictionary. Turnaround is a positive, drastic and evident change. 360 degrees means a complete process. In summary, 360 degrees turnaround in my favour essentially means a complete and drastic change in my favour; a change to favour me. There are many business turnaround experts in developed countries. However, our God is the biggest turnaround expert in the whole world. He specialises in the business of turning lives around. God is interested in turning your life around for good in your favour.

What needs a turnaround? Something that is dead, dying or about to die. Something that is bringing continuous loss and no profit. Something that cannot be revived or resuscitated. Something that is not responding to solutions or treatment. Something that has become an embarrassment and insult. All of these require a positive turnaround. Many important keys are required to command a complete turnaround in life. Some of these are described below. The list below is not exhaustive but no one will achieve a complete turnaround without these important steps.

A strong desire for a turnaround

To achieve a 360 degrees turnaround in your favour, you must demonstrate a very strong desire and passion. You must demonstrate a passion and desire that no one or no circumstances can quench or kill. The desire and passion of blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) are a good example for anyone who wants to achieve a positive turnaround. To get anything tangible in life, you must desire it. To get a 360 degrees turnaround, you must demonstrate a very strong desire.

Strong faith for a turnaround

Your desire for a complete turnaround must make you develop a strong faith that will birth your turnaround. Without faith it is impossible to please God and impossible to get any tangible thing from God (Hebrews 11:6). The faith of the woman with the issue of blood was so strong that she said ‘If I can only touch the helm of his garment, I will be healed’ (Matthew 9:21). Such great faith! The centurion described in Matthew 8: 8-10 had a strong faith that Jesus’s word is enough to heal her daughter. You need the kind of faith that will move God to get your complete turnaround.

Step of faith for a turnaround

A strong desire and faith may not get your complete turnaround until you take a step of faith. Desire will remain a desire until you make a move of faith. The four lepers outside the camp (2 Kings 7:3-20) took a big step of faith. The friends of the man with the palsy (Mark 2:1-5) took a big step of faith. In the two stories above, there was a 360 degrees turnaround. Sometimes, the impossible is often the untried. You don’t know what you can do until you make a move. Take a step of faith. Make the application. Speak to the person. Make the call. Attend the conference. Make the move in faith and you will get your complete turnaround.

Wait for your turnaround

Sometimes your turnaround may take longer than you expect. No matter how long it takes, you must wait for your turnaround. Anyone who knows how to wait knows how to be blessed. Those who wait on the Lord shall receive the renewal of strength (Isaiah 40:30-31). Don’t give up on God and don’t give up on your self too. Wait for your turnaround and don’t truncate the process of your turnaround. Your turnaround will definitely come: just wait for it. Naman had to bathe seven times before he got his turnaround (2 Kings 5:1-19). If he didn’t wait till the seventh time, he may not have received his turnaround. A pregnant woman must wait for at least nine months to have her baby. Any attempt to shorten the process could be dangerous for the mother and baby.

Wait for your 360 degrees turnaround, it will definitely come.