The Men's Fellowship

Men are the head of the home as Christ is the head of the Church, therefore Amazing Grace Chapel men are a powerful unit within the Church providing support to the work of God and the women in Church.

The Sisters' Fellowship

The sisters’ fellowship meet regularly to discuss issues that pertain to the women in the house, to provide support for each other. This is the sister’s corner and all ladies are welcome.

Chosen Generation Hull
(Singles and Youth Ministry)

Chosen Generation is our youth/singles ministry for the 16+ age group and it’s a department which aims to equip students and young professionals with the tools and resources to build a solid foundation as they strive towards self-actualization. Our agenda is to enable our target group with the right skills as they work towards fulfilling their purpose. We aim to provide workshops and seminars which are centred on specific subject areas which are relevant to singles and young people. Our ethos is centred on spiritual growth.

Foundation On Christ

This unit is an offshoot of Amazing Grace Chapel within the University. Their activities are aimed at getting the students to participate in constructive activities with Christ as a foundation to build on.


This ministry is responsible for teaching and taking care of the toddlers, children and adolescents in the Church. Children are the future of tomorrow; we need to teach them in line with the scriptures.

Our Departments

Couple’s Fellowship
House Fellowship
Logistics & Traffic
Sanctuary & Decoration
Sunday School

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