Pastor: Olumide Isaac Aleshinloye

Pastor Olumide Isaac Aleshinloye is the Parish Pastor. He oversees the general affairs of the church, provides pastoral counsel for the congregation members and is the Chief Executive Officer of the Church office.

He is a seasoned man of God with ongoing success in church planting and growth, people development and spiritual counselling. He is responsible for implementing new strategies for driving the Church forward and initiatives of impacting the local community.

His love for the work of God is greatly manifested in his unparalleled approach to effectively discharging the duties of the kingdom. His care and love for his church members is second to none, always labouring in love for the edification of the body of Christ at the Amazing Grace Chapel.

He is married to Deaconess Olayinka Aleshinloye and they are blessed with two children.

My journey

After I relocated from Nigeria to Amsterdam, I served as a devoted worker at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus House in Amsterdam. Soon after, a ministerial opportunity arose in 2004 in Hull through Pastor Musa Bako with a condition to come and start a Parish there. I located it on the map of the United Kingdom and came on a visit in January 2005 and that was the genesis of the church. After series of letters from Pastor Musa Bako and I for about a year, I came on visits three times to the UK through his invitation in order to enhance my status upon application as a minister of Religion.

Sending forth

A send forth programme was conducted for me by the RCCG Jesus House Amsterdam, in March 2005. I left Netherlands on the last day of March, and came to Hull via P & O ferries from Amsterdam on overnight sailing. Mr Nelson Adelesi, drove the bus containing all my belongings and went back that same day to Amsterdam via P & O ferries. We drove straight to Paragon station and called Mr Kola Tayo who was my contact person (through Pastor Musa Bako) in Hull. He cycled down to the station from his house which was about 5 miles and led us back to his house.

The second day, the mission of Church planting started with evangelism upon an elaborate briefing and discussion with Mr Kola Tayo. We designed leaflets for door to door evangelism and did this throughout the month of April. Before the end of April we got a place of Worship at Victoria Dock, called the Village Hall and the first inaugural meeting took place on the 8th of May, 2005 with four persons in attendance, I, Mr Kola Tayo, a new adult member and one minor.

A new place of worship

During the course of search for a new place of worship, hand bills were distributed at the Lidl Store on Cottingham Road and this continued in different locations between the months of June through to October 2005. For many weeks in July, 2005 the number of worshippers were just two (Myself and Mr Kola) until the third week in September 2005, three men (students) visited the church. Between July and September, we alternated ministration between myself and Mr Kola for word ministration and offering. We regularly prayed on empty seats trusting God for addition and overflow. At the instance of door opening, times without number, our expectation of welcoming men and women were triggered by air blowing at the door.


From the 3rd Sunday in September, the numbers started increasing and this marked a new beginning for the church. The first instrument (Yamaha PSR650) was bought from a used item store for £45, even though no one could play it. My faith was so strong (bringing it to church and taking it back every Sunday for almost a year). The first public address system, four microphones and stands and speakers were given to us by Mr Adrian Dowle which helped the church during worship, especially the choir.


Later, God blessed us with a projector and a second hand drum set. It was an amazing experience as we kept playing instruments every Sunday for about 2 years, meanwhile the number of worshippers kept increasing as God continued to add to our numbers. This initiated an aggressive response by us in search for a new venue of worship.

After a year and a half, Mr Kola Tayo, though was not yet ordained a Pastor, the reward of service located him and opened him up to initiate his own ministry because he served diligently and faithfully. Currently he is the Pastor of Newlife Centre in Cirencester, Gloucester.

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